Entwicklung / Development

27 May

Hier ein kleines Bild mit einer grafischen Darstellung meiner Entwicklung auf den 200 m Crawl. Als lizensierter schweizer Schwimmer kann man sich so ziemlich alle Wettkampfresultate anschauen, und zwar hier.

Here a little Picture with a graphical description of my development over the 200 m Kraulen. As a licenced swedish swimmer you can look up pretty much all your competition results, namely here.


One Response to “Entwicklung / Development”

  1. jumpin jellyfish Sunday, May 28, 2006 at 6:04 am #

    wow baby, that web link is cool! There are alot of people with a last name that starts with “f”, too. And i saw your sister is on it too! I didnt know she was swimming. I thought just the sycrinized stuff. Uh, I dont really know the significance of the numbers….and all the words are in german, but the link is really impressive :o) hey, i have to talk to you soon, cause i have a funny, funny story to tell you about the little boy i babysit. I hope you are feeling not so sick today and even more not so sick tomorrow and before you know, you’ll be all better. KISSES

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