My Time in the Relay [en]

14 Aug

Since a lot of people asked me about my time in the relay, here is the exact break down…

  • Reaction time from the time the swimmer in front of me touched the wall until my feet left the block: 0.37sec. – that’s a decent reaction time, it’s rather a save exchange than a fast one. A good relay exchange is somewhere between -0.03sec (the minimum that is acceptable, before it becomes a false start), and 0.10sec.
  • The first 50m: 26.31 that was already a 0.06 improvement to my morning swim (26.37).
  • My second 50m in the final was a 28.57. This was also a step-up compared to the 28.62 that i swam in the morning.
  • Therefore my 100m split time was a 54.88, which was more than a tenth faster than in the morning (54.99). – It’s actually a really fast first hundred for me. I never went out that fast.
  • On the third 50m I swam a 29.05 in the morning and a 28.96 at night, which is a OK third fifty, since I’m not getting too slow compared to my second fifty. This fifty is mostly the slowest and crucial one for a good race.
  • I finished with a 28.70 (28.93 in the morning). That is almost as fast as the third fifty and that is without a flip-turn, which means that it was almost just as fast as the third fifty. That split is a good indicator that I died a little at the end. For all of you non swimmers, that last fifty hurts – a lot.
  • My end time: 1:52.65 (1:52.97 in the morning).

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