New Flashy Banknotes

28 May

10CHFThe Swiss National Bank announced (a while ago) that they will replace the old series with a newer, flashier, even cooler series.

Interestingly enough the new notes will not feature any faces or famous, swiss sites. On the contrary the bank notes seem to be kept generic. The designer/creator Manuel Krebs however incorporated a very interesting idea. The higher the denominations of the notes get the “bigger” is the picture on the back.

To further explain… the 10 Franc depicts blood cells in the back, the 20 Franc note shows a human body, the 50 Franc note displays a rock mass, the 100 Franc note is a satellite view of the world, the 200 Franc note represents the solar system and finally the 1000 Franc note reveals some galaxy (I have no idea if that is accurate, I’m not big in astronomy).

I like them. Click here to see them all!


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