Miami Marathon Training – Day 27 of training – 88 more to go

4 Nov

Today (Wednesday) was my first practice day after a couple of days off due to a nasty cold.

I woke up with my wife at 4:55 AM this morning. She has started working early morning shifts at AEO and I thought I could make her waking-up process a little easier by getting up with her. I drove her to work and when I came home I was too awake to go back to sleep; so I decided to get my run over with, and went outside.

It is still very warm here in Miami and it doesn’t cool down much over night, but the temperature at 6:00 AM is a lot more bearable then during the day. I saw the sky change colors from a dark purple blue to a faded peachy color. It was beautiful.

The 9.5km (6miles) went by really fast, and by the time I came home I was tired enough to take a little nap.


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