Turkey, Movies and 20miles in 3hours

30 Nov

Wednesday (Day 47/67 to go):
Pre-Turkey Day! Rachel, Joey and I enjoyed South Beach in the afternoon until it started pouring down rain. We had to change our plans and went to a movie instead (Blind Side). I took the day off today.

Thursday (Day 48/66 to go):
Thanksgiving Day! We spend the whole day cooking and eating. Rachel conducted her little helpers (Joey and I) around the kitchen and we all prepared an amazing first thanksgiving as a married couple. Thank you Lillie for that amazing stuffing recipe, it was delicious. After a great dinner we went and saw Disney’s Christmas Carol in 3D. (I ran 10km (6miles) in the morning.)

Friday (Day 49/65 to go):
Black-Friday! Rachel had to work today. When I dropped her off at 5:45am, the mall parking lot was already full of over excited shoppers. Crazy! Joey and I joined the craze a couple of hours later and spend a good 4 hours shopping. (No running today.)

Saturday (Day 50/64 to go):
Joey left today to go back to Arkansas. We really enjoyed having him for the holiday. Next time we’ll see him we’ll be in Texas for Christmas. I spend the rest of the day caching up on school work. The semester is coming to an end and due dates for papers, and projects are all in the next few days. I didn’t run today either, though I had 6.5km/4miles on the program, I had to compromise. However, the 4 hour shopping spree on Friday was a pretty good workout by itself.

Sunday (Day 51/63 to go):
I woke up early to get my 32km (20miles) over with before going to church. The run went pretty well, even though I forgot to charge my iPod and had to run most of the distance humming music in my head instead of listening to it through the headphones. It took me a good 3hours which is an average speed of 10.7km/h (6.67 mph), which is the same I held in my 29km-run (18mile-run) two weeks ago. I think I am on a good path to reach my goal time of 3:30h.


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