2 more weeks

28 Jan

Monday (94th day / 19 to go):
I started this week with a easy 9.6km (6miles). I’ll start tapering soon! 😀

Tuesday (95th day / 18 to go):
12.8km (8miles) today. This was one of the last fine tuning before the race in 18 days. I ran the 8miles in exactly 1hour and 1minute :D.

Wednesday (96th day / 17 to go):
No running today. I’m including more rest days and shorter runs, now that the big day gets closer.

Thursday (97th day / 16 to go):
9.6km (6miles) easy run on the treadmill today.

Friday (98th day / 15 to go):
I’m feeling good and my foot feels a lot better. 6.4km (4miles) today.

Saturday (99th day / 14 to go):
Instead of running today Rachel and I decided to do some community work. We put our hands on Overtown.

Sunday (100th day / 13 to go):
Only two weeks left until my race. 😀 I ran 3.2km (2miles) easy.


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