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Swimming Nostalgia

15 Jan

With only a few days left until the Miami Marathon I am getting a very familiar feeling; the “getting-ready-to-race feeling”. During taper week, when I was still swimming, my stomach would tingle when envisioning myself competing. It brings a big smile on my face to think of the good ol’ times. Here are some of my great swimming moments:

  • In 2002 I qualified for my first big international competition; the 2002 Junior European Championships in Linz:

    Marco in Linz 2002

    The picture was taken during warm-up in Linz.
  • In 2003 I was able to qualify again for the Junior European Championships, this time in Glasgow:
  • Got nominated for “two Basler Sport-Champions des Jahres” (2004/2005).

    (c) by Varadi: Taken at regional championships in Basel.

  • 2005: Choice to continue swimming career in the U.S. led to the making of the following video:
  • In 2006 I successfully competed at the NCAA Division II National Championships.
  • 2007 was one of the more successful years in my career – I competed for the Swiss National Team at the University Games in Bangkok:

    Picture taken during opening ceremony.

Spartans in Bangkok

11 Oct

We shave, not just the face, but the entire body. Being Italian means being blessed with heavy hair-growth. It takes me more than an hour to get rid of my “Armani-esque” fur coat. The point of shaving is not for “silky smooth legs,” but to exfoliate the topmost skin layer in order to feel the water better; like aerodynamics in water — aquadynamics. This traditional ritual that every swimmer goes through is reserved for momentous occasions only. Deep gashes on the Achilles tendon are customary —  the dark streams of blood in the shower don’t seem to bother me anymore. Continue reading

Final Report [en/de]

23 Aug


With this post I’d like to inform you about the final few days that I spend in Bangkok, Thailand.


Mit diesem Eintrag möchte ich euch über die letzten Tage in Bangkok informieren.

Sunset over Bangkok The beautiful sunset over Bangkok.

Der wunderschöne Sonnenuntergang über der 14 Millionen Stadt.

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Dragon Dragons like this one are found by almost every temple.

Drachen wie dieser findet man bei nahezu jedem Tempel.

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Wat Benchamabophit - The Marble TempleThis temple was made with Italian marble.

Dieser Tempel wurde mit italienischem Marmor gebaut.

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Wat Benchamabophit - The Marble TempleKeeper of the Temple.

Ein Tempel Hüter.

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Busy doing Nothing

16 Aug

As you probably can tell, I haven’t posted any pictures lately. That doesn’t mean that I am not taking any. Actually I am snapping lots of photos, but I didn’t have time to upload them yet. Be patient – they’ll come. Check out Michel’s Blog, he is a little better with keeping it up to date ;)…

Wie Ihr bestimmt gemerkt habt, habe ich schon seit längerem keine Bilder mehr hochgeladen. Dies heisst jedoch nicht, dass ich nicht am fotografieren bin. Ganz im Gegenteil, ich bin fleissig am Bilder knipsen, ich bin nur noch nicht dazu gekommen alle hochzuladen. Übt euch in Geduld – die Fotos kommen noch. Falls Ihr nicht warten könnt dann geht auf Michel’s Blog, er ist besser im aktualisieren als ich ;)…

My Time in the Relay [en]

14 Aug

Since a lot of people asked me about my time in the relay, here is the exact break down…

  • Reaction time from the time the swimmer in front of me touched the wall until my feet left the block: 0.37sec. – that’s a decent reaction time, it’s rather a save exchange than a fast one. A good relay exchange is somewhere between -0.03sec (the minimum that is acceptable, before it becomes a false start), and 0.10sec.
  • The first 50m: 26.31 that was already a 0.06 improvement to my morning swim (26.37).
  • My second 50m in the final was a 28.57. This was also a step-up compared to the 28.62 that i swam in the morning.
  • Therefore my 100m split time was a 54.88, which was more than a tenth faster than in the morning (54.99). – It’s actually a really fast first hundred for me. I never went out that fast.
  • On the third 50m I swam a 29.05 in the morning and a 28.96 at night, which is a OK third fifty, since I’m not getting too slow compared to my second fifty. This fifty is mostly the slowest and crucial one for a good race.
  • I finished with a 28.70 (28.93 in the morning). That is almost as fast as the third fifty and that is without a flip-turn, which means that it was almost just as fast as the third fifty. That split is a good indicator that I died a little at the end. For all of you non swimmers, that last fifty hurts – a lot.
  • My end time: 1:52.65 (1:52.97 in the morning).

Swiss Record with the Relay [en/de]

12 Aug

As I announced in my earlier post, I was ready to swim a fast relay. Our time in the morning (7:27.60) was just enough to enter the final and drop the old swiss record by a good 3 seconds. Everybody (David Karasek, Dominik Meichtry, Christian Schneiter, Marco Ferraro) was able to step it up in the final and drop the newly set record by another 2 seconds to 7:25.49. This time is also a qualification time for the European Championships in Eindhoven (Netherlands) that will take place in March 2008.

Wie ich es schon angekündigt hatte, war ich bereit um in der Staffel schnell zu schwimmen. Unsere Zeit am Morgen (7:27.60) war gerade schnell genug um als letzer in den Final zu kommen und den alten Schweizer Rekord um gute 3 Sekunden zu verbessern. Alle (David Karasek, Dominik Meichtry, Christian Schneiter, Marco Ferraro) konnten am Abend noch einmal etwas drauflegen und nocheinmal den neu aufgestellten Rekord um 2 Sekunden auf 7:25.49 zu drücken. Diese Zeit sichert uns zudem ein Ticket an die Europäischen Meisterschaften in Eindhoven (Holland) welche im März 2008 stattfinden werden.

My times / Meine Zeiten:

Prelims / Vorlauf:
David Karasek (1:52,04), Dominik Meichtry (1:49,45), Christian Schneiter (1:53,14) und Marco Ferraro (1:52.97)
Final / Endlauf:
David Karasek (1:51.99), Dominik Meichtry (1:47,77) Christian Schneiter (1:53.08) und Marco Ferraro (1:52,65)

Getting ready to swim fast [en/de]

11 Aug

Tomorrow I’ll be swimming fast, therefore i had to get rid of all the unnecessary body hair.

Morgen werde ich schnell schwimmen, aber um dies voll zu gewährleisten, musste ich mich zuerst von der überflüssigen Körperbehaarung trennen.