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Soccer Rivalry – France vs. Ireland

18 Nov

It’s nice to see that official political bureaus have a sense of humor. 😀

For more everyday humor in unusual places follow this link:



Click. Watch. Rate. – Be a good person.

15 Aug

I jumped on the social donation bandwagon. That’s why I am asking you to click on the “socialvibe” box on the right hand side, watch the video and rate it. In exchange for your opinion PowerBar will donate to charity: water.

Good to know…

12 Mar

I’m glad this bank’s got it!!!


2 Feb

I’m growing out my beard until our conference meet in three weeks. I haven’t shaved since december 27. Looks great doesn’t it :-{>…

What’s your favorite superpower?

8 Mar

If you could choose to have a superpower what would it be? I asked myself this exact question various times and after giving it some thought I have to say that it would come down to two choices:

  1. Stopping Time. Being able to halt time in any situation is absolutely powerful. Imagine somebody fires a shoot at you. -Stop-. Step aside. -Go- And the bullet flies past you without any danger. This power would also be helpful to gain some extra hours to finish a school paper in time, or to rethink urgent matters that need a quick decision.
  2. Teleport. How cool would that be? Imagine you’re in danger, but this time your enemy shows up with an atomic bomb strapped around his waist and is about to push the trigger that will turn your near surrounding into ashes and radioactive waste. -Zap-. Teleport to a beautiful island (like Hawaii) or a nearby planet. -Zip-. Somewhere out there somebody just wasted an atomic bomb. You could also use this power as means of transportation. Undoubtedly the most environmental means of travel.

I am still debating which one to choose… -Stop-

Spanish to take over?

5 Mar

I had a discussion with some of my fellow team mates about what is going to happen to the English language in the future. Some of my friends argued, that Spanish or Chinese is going to take over as the most important language in the world. I had to disagree, just because English seemed like a really easy language to learn. But maybe that’s just me. I thought learning French and Italian was way harder.

iTunes error message

15 Feb

Weirdest iTunes error message I’ve ever seen.