Swimming Nostalgia

15 Jan

With only a few days left until the Miami Marathon I am getting a very familiar feeling; the “getting-ready-to-race feeling”. During taper week, when I was still swimming, my stomach would tingle when envisioning myself competing. It brings a big smile on my face to think of the good ol’ times. Here are some of my great swimming moments:

  • In 2002 I qualified for my first big international competition; the 2002 Junior European Championships in Linz:

    Marco in Linz 2002

    The picture was taken during warm-up in Linz.
  • In 2003 I was able to qualify again for the Junior European Championships, this time in Glasgow:
  • Got nominated for “two Basler Sport-Champions des Jahres” (2004/2005).

    (c) by Varadi: Taken at regional championships in Basel.

  • 2005: Choice to continue swimming career in the U.S. led to the making of the following video:
  • In 2006 I successfully competed at the NCAA Division II National Championships.
  • 2007 was one of the more successful years in my career – I competed for the Swiss National Team at the University Games in Bangkok:

    Picture taken during opening ceremony.

Back to Miami in First Class!

11 Jan

Sunday (86th day / 27 to go):
It’s our last day in Texas before we head back to Miami. Since my ankle has been feeling better everyday I decided to go for a longer run today. I ran 13.5km (8.4miles) with my Father-in-law, a marathoner. This is the longest I’ve run in a month.

Monday (87th day / 26 to go):
We got bumped up to first class, because the announcer messed up and didn’t call out our plane and gave away our seats to stand-by fliers. 🙂 No running today.

Tuesday (88th day / 25 to go):
The marathon is in less than 4 weeks, and since my ankle still aches a little bit I thought it’d be best if I rest it a little bit. Instead of running I sat on a bike for 30min.

Wednesday (89th day / 24 to go):
Miamians are experiencing one of the coldest “winters” in history, and I love it. The temperature is perfect to run. A crisp 9° Celsius (48°F) today, and 9.6km (6miles).

Thursday (90th day / 23 to go):
I like being back to a regular running schedule. Thursday = day off.

Friday (91st day / 22 to go):
School started on Monday, and I’m already swamped with school work. Time for a little mental break; 8km (5miles) at an easy pace.

Saturday (92nd day / 21 to go):
Due to Visa troubles in August I missed the first week of school and with it the orientation weekend. I’ll be in Duck Key today and tomorrow. No running today.

Sunday (93rd day / 20 to go):
I woke up at 6 am to go run. It was a windy, cold morning, but it was worth it; I got to see the sun rise! 8km (5miles) today.

Happy New Year

2 Jan


Friday (84th day / 29 to go):
Today is the first day of the new year and my ankle feels  a lot better. Taking one week off was a good choice, though it made me nervous at times. – 6.1km (3.8miles) in 34minutes.

Saturday (85th day / 28 to go):
Yesterday’s run was great! I ran another 5km (3.2 miles) today. To spice it up a little bit I descended every 1.25km-round by 15 seconds.

Round 1 – 5:46
Round 2 – 5:30
Round 3 – 5: 19
Round 4 – 5:05
Total Time:  21:40

Complete Recovery Week

2 Jan

I decided to rest my ankle completely, to ensure that I’ll be ready to pick up regular running on January 1st, 2010. That’s why my schedule looks pretty lazy.

Saturday (78th day of training / 35 more days to go):
No running today.

Sunday (79th day / 34 to go):
No running today.

Monday (80th day / 33 to go):
No running today.

Tuesday (81st day / 32 to go):
6.1km (3.8miles)

Wednesday (82nd day / 31 to go):
No running today.

Thursday (83rd day / 30 to go):
No running today

Merry Christmas

27 Dec

Saturday (71st day of training / 42 to go):
We stayed the night in my wife’s grandmothers old house in Latexo, TX.  It was very neat to see where my mother-in-law grew up. After a short breakfast we hit the road towards Flower Mound, where we met up with more family to celebrate an early Christmas. (No running today.)

Sunday (72nd day / 41 to go):
I got up early today to run 6.5km (4miles) in the chilly North Texas weather.  It was magical to see the Texas sun rise. I don’t think I have woken that early to work out in 6 months.

Monday (73rd day / 40 to go):
The big day is coming closer and my foot still  hurts. I have vowed to myself to run at least one more 20-miler (32 kilometers) before January 31. (No running today.)

Tuesday (74th day / 39 to go):
Ah, Texas! It’s good to be here. I am getting first-class treatment by my mother-in-law and my ankle is feeling better every day. Today I ran 4.5 km (3 miles), shortly after I indulged in an original, Texas BBQ Sandwich. Tasty!

Wednesday (75th day / 38 to go):
Today, Kermit (my father-in-law) gave me a Runner’s World to read. Next to interesting training schedules, and running shoe reviews, they had a poll asking for the one thing that stresses runners out most before a big race. Ranked first: “A nagging injury!”  – No running today!

Thursday (76th day / 37 to go):
Christmas Eve, my first, real American one. We opened stockings and played board games. (No running.)

Friday (77th day / 36 to go):
I woke up with Kermit to go for an easy 5k run. My foot feels a lot better and I feel confident that I’ll be able to return to my original running schedule by January 1. Happy Birthday Jesus!

Last Week in Miami in 2009

25 Dec

Tuesday (67 days of training / 46 to go):
I decided to rework my running schedule due to my nagging injury. I have to make sure, that I can get back  into a routine by January 1 – so, no running today.

Wednesday (68 days / 45 to go):
It’s the last days in Miami for us, before we leave on Friday to go to Houston to visit family. The weather is still great; 9.5km (6miles).

Thursday (69 days / 44 to go):
Since I haven’t been able to run long distances due to my tendonitis on my right ankle I’ve decided to sit on a bike and due some endurance work. 33.8km (21miles) in 1h and 30 minutes. My glutes hurt, but at least I got to rest my foot.

Friday (70 days / 43 to go):
We are leaving for Houston today. Bye Miami see you in the new year. (No running today.)

New Shoes

19 Dec

Friday (63 days / 50 to go):
My ankle still hurts pretty bad. I went to get new shoes and new insoles, hopefully that will help with the tendonitis. No running today.

Saturday (64 days / 49 to go):
No running today, though I really want to try out my new shoes. Maybe tomorrow.

Sunday (65 days / 48 to go):
I ran 4miles (6.5km) and it hurt pretty bad. It’s no fun to run in pain. I love my new shoes!

Monday (66 days / 47 to go):
It was beautiful today, and I had to go run. – I shouldn’t have! I think I overdid it. 6miles (9.5km).