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Complete Recovery Week

2 Jan

I decided to rest my ankle completely, to ensure that I’ll be ready to pick up regular running on January 1st, 2010. That’s why my schedule looks pretty lazy.

Saturday (78th day of training / 35 more days to go):
No running today.

Sunday (79th day / 34 to go):
No running today.

Monday (80th day / 33 to go):
No running today.

Tuesday (81st day / 32 to go):
6.1km (3.8miles)

Wednesday (82nd day / 31 to go):
No running today.

Thursday (83rd day / 30 to go):
No running today


Merry Christmas

27 Dec

Saturday (71st day of training / 42 to go):
We stayed the night in my wife’s grandmothers old house in Latexo, TX.  It was very neat to see where my mother-in-law grew up. After a short breakfast we hit the road towards Flower Mound, where we met up with more family to celebrate an early Christmas. (No running today.)

Sunday (72nd day / 41 to go):
I got up early today to run 6.5km (4miles) in the chilly North Texas weather.  It was magical to see the Texas sun rise. I don’t think I have woken that early to work out in 6 months.

Monday (73rd day / 40 to go):
The big day is coming closer and my foot still  hurts. I have vowed to myself to run at least one more 20-miler (32 kilometers) before January 31. (No running today.)

Tuesday (74th day / 39 to go):
Ah, Texas! It’s good to be here. I am getting first-class treatment by my mother-in-law and my ankle is feeling better every day. Today I ran 4.5 km (3 miles), shortly after I indulged in an original, Texas BBQ Sandwich. Tasty!

Wednesday (75th day / 38 to go):
Today, Kermit (my father-in-law) gave me a Runner’s World to read. Next to interesting training schedules, and running shoe reviews, they had a poll asking for the one thing that stresses runners out most before a big race. Ranked first: “A nagging injury!”  – No running today!

Thursday (76th day / 37 to go):
Christmas Eve, my first, real American one. We opened stockings and played board games. (No running.)

Friday (77th day / 36 to go):
I woke up with Kermit to go for an easy 5k run. My foot feels a lot better and I feel confident that I’ll be able to return to my original running schedule by January 1. Happy Birthday Jesus!