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Back to Miami in First Class!

11 Jan

Sunday (86th day / 27 to go):
It’s our last day in Texas before we head back to Miami. Since my ankle has been feeling better everyday I decided to go for a longer run today. I ran 13.5km (8.4miles) with my Father-in-law, a marathoner. This is the longest I’ve run in a month.

Monday (87th day / 26 to go):
We got bumped up to first class, because the announcer messed up and didn’t call out our plane and gave away our seats to stand-by fliers. 🙂 No running today.

Tuesday (88th day / 25 to go):
The marathon is in less than 4 weeks, and since my ankle still aches a little bit I thought it’d be best if I rest it a little bit. Instead of running I sat on a bike for 30min.

Wednesday (89th day / 24 to go):
Miamians are experiencing one of the coldest “winters” in history, and I love it. The temperature is perfect to run. A crisp 9° Celsius (48°F) today, and 9.6km (6miles).

Thursday (90th day / 23 to go):
I like being back to a regular running schedule. Thursday = day off.

Friday (91st day / 22 to go):
School started on Monday, and I’m already swamped with school work. Time for a little mental break; 8km (5miles) at an easy pace.

Saturday (92nd day / 21 to go):
Due to Visa troubles in August I missed the first week of school and with it the orientation weekend. I’ll be in Duck Key today and tomorrow. No running today.

Sunday (93rd day / 20 to go):
I woke up at 6 am to go run. It was a windy, cold morning, but it was worth it; I got to see the sun rise! 8km (5miles) today.


Last Week in Miami in 2009

25 Dec

Tuesday (67 days of training / 46 to go):
I decided to rework my running schedule due to my nagging injury. I have to make sure, that I can get back  into a routine by January 1 – so, no running today.

Wednesday (68 days / 45 to go):
It’s the last days in Miami for us, before we leave on Friday to go to Houston to visit family. The weather is still great; 9.5km (6miles).

Thursday (69 days / 44 to go):
Since I haven’t been able to run long distances due to my tendonitis on my right ankle I’ve decided to sit on a bike and due some endurance work. 33.8km (21miles) in 1h and 30 minutes. My glutes hurt, but at least I got to rest my foot.

Friday (70 days / 43 to go):
We are leaving for Houston today. Bye Miami see you in the new year. (No running today.)

Miami Marathon

8 Oct

ING Marathon

I recently decided to participate in the 2010 ING Miami Marathon in January. I have worked out a workout schedule and I have started my training. It will be my first Marathon and I am really excited about the upcoming journey to this unbelievable event. I will use this blog to document my progress. 😀

Follow this link to find out more about the Miami Marathon: http://www.ingmiamimarathon.com/

Here is the route: