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One more old swimming video? YES!!

7 Feb

please click here:


Swimming Nostalgia

15 Jan

With only a few days left until the Miami Marathon I am getting a very familiar feeling; the “getting-ready-to-race feeling”. During taper week, when I was still swimming, my stomach would tingle when envisioning myself competing. It brings a big smile on my face to think of the good ol’ times. Here are some of my great swimming moments:

  • In 2002 I qualified for my first big international competition; the 2002 Junior European Championships in Linz:

    Marco in Linz 2002

    The picture was taken during warm-up in Linz.
  • In 2003 I was able to qualify again for the Junior European Championships, this time in Glasgow:
  • Got nominated for “two Basler Sport-Champions des Jahres” (2004/2005).

    (c) by Varadi: Taken at regional championships in Basel.

  • 2005: Choice to continue swimming career in the U.S. led to the making of the following video:
  • In 2006 I successfully competed at the NCAA Division II National Championships.
  • 2007 was one of the more successful years in my career – I competed for the Swiss National Team at the University Games in Bangkok:

    Picture taken during opening ceremony.

Miami Marathon Training – Day 46 of training – 68 more to go

24 Nov


It was another beautiful day in Miami today. I had lunch with the Metro Aquatic Club coach. It was great to be able to talk about swimming again. I miss the team environment and the dual-meets.

I ran 11km (7miles) today, and I met a friend along the way. It was good catching up with him. He was walking to go to his school where he teaches PE and coaches the soccer team.

Tonight Joey (my brother-in-law) will be joining my wife and I for the holidays.

All in all a very good day.


Goodbye My Love

1 Mar

Pool Lanzarote

My love,

I laid in bed crying, and thinking of you all day. After all these years with you, the time has come to say goodbye.

I want you to know that I have always loved you. You have given me so much – more than I ever could have dreamed of. Of course I disliked you at times, but I have always loved you.

You are the reason I came to America. Through you I found friends for life. Thanks to you I became who I am today.

I can’t believe that after 17 years of swimming I have completed my last practice, finished my last race, done my last stroke.

I am going to miss you.

Thank you for everything.

At North Texas

10 Jan

We’re about to race SMU and North Texas…

Mountain West Conference Championship 2008

4 Mar

Mountain West Conference


I know, I haven’t updated my blog in a while – I was busy, ok?! Stop whining! I just came back from this years Mountain West Conference Championship Meet in Oklahoma City (By the way. Why is North Texas so windy? ‘Cause Oklahoma sucks!). The Utes traveled all the way down there to compete against other schools of the MWC. Even though we finished last on the men’s side, we can be happy with what we achieved this year. We broke a couple of school records and kicked some “old fools” off the Top 10 lists.

I did my part. I got third with the 800y free relay (6:36.42), my split was a phenomenal 1:37.24. My 500y free was not as stellar, i finished sixth with a 4:29.44. – It was still a best time. The 200y free (1:38.52) went a little better, I finished fifth. On the last day I swam the mile, which took me 15:43.61 to finish (sixth), and the 400y free relay, where I split (44.98).

Schweiz Ich weiss, ich habe schon seit längerem nichts mehr aktualisiert – ich war schwer beschäftigt, ok?! Hör auf rum zu wimmern! Gestern bin ich vom diesjährigen Mountain West Conference Championship Meeting in Oklahoma City zurückgekehrt. Wir haben uns relativ gut geschlagen obwohl wir am Ende nicht über den letzten Platz hinaus kamen. Dieses Wochenende wurden mehrere Teamrekorde gebrochen.

Ich habe meine Pflicht getan. Ich war Teil der 4x200y Crawl Staffel (meine Zeit in der Staffel war 1:37.24), welche mit 6:36.42 den dritten Platz einnahm. Zusätzlich schwamm ich über 500y Crawl auf den sechsten Platz, mit 4:29.44. Über 200y Crawl landete ich auf dem fünften Platz mit einer respektablen Zeit von 1:38.52. Am letzten Tag hatte ich das vergnügen mich über 1650y Crawl zu bewerben. Ich schlug mit 15:43.61 als sechster an. Mein letztes Rennen allerdings war die 4x100y Crawl Staffel, welche den vierten Platz einnahm und mir eine neue Staffelbestzeit bescherte (44.98).

Converted Times / Umgerechnete Zeiten (into LCM)

200y free (1:38.52) in 200m free (1:53.90)

500y free (4:29.44) in 400m free (4:03.84)

1650y free (15:43.61) in 1500m free (16:17.83)

Spartans in Bangkok

11 Oct

We shave, not just the face, but the entire body. Being Italian means being blessed with heavy hair-growth. It takes me more than an hour to get rid of my “Armani-esque” fur coat. The point of shaving is not for “silky smooth legs,” but to exfoliate the topmost skin layer in order to feel the water better; like aerodynamics in water — aquadynamics. This traditional ritual that every swimmer goes through is reserved for momentous occasions only. Deep gashes on the Achilles tendon are customary —  the dark streams of blood in the shower don’t seem to bother me anymore. Continue reading